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Internet Services Group - W/OCIO13

Allan Darling Project Leader
Patricia Buckley Systems Administrator
Larry France Systems Administrator
Virginia Galvin Systems Administrator
Sue Mullinix HTML & User-interface Design
David Thomas HTML Design & Client-side Software Design
Frances Yang Systems Administrator
The National Weather Service Internet Services Group maintains the main
HTTP and FTP servers operating at NWS Headquarters in Silver Spring,
Maryland. The group, part of the Office of the Chief Information Officer, is responsible
for 24 hour/7 day a week system support and system administration.
The ISG is also responsible for pages and data content for the Internet Weather Source
and a number of dynamically populated HTML pages.  Weather information is constantly
updated automatically from a number of U.S. Government and international data sources.
In addition to these duties, the ISG provides HTTP and FTP hosting for NWS
headquarters and field offices.  For further information on hosting or data services,
you may contact the Internet Services Group at nws.isg@noaa.gov.
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