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On or about April 4th, 2012, request for METARS through this service will be redirected to:

This redirection is part of a larger effort to reduce duplication of effort within the National Weather Service. The website above offers the same functionality. It also needs to be noted that the NWS Aviation Weather Center operated website above is the only FAA approved source of aviation weather overe the Internet to be used for pilot briefings. Please update bookmarks, links, etc..


The most recent METAR observation from RJNT in our system was generated at the source at:

2015/01/30 04:01 UTC

The observation is:

2015/01/30 04:39 RJNT 300439Z VRB02KT 5000 -RASN BR FEW003 SCT010 BKN020 02/00 Q1015 RMK 2ST003 4ST010 6SC020 A2999

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