Level II Radar Information

RadarKCYSHour 17
Location:Cheyenne WY
Last update:0 Hours, 0 Minutes, 16 Seconds
Latest ingest:2014/07/31 17:34:02
Current latency:3.025 seconds
Avg latency:56.01 seconds
Peak latency:420@00:05

Operator Notes:

No Operator Notes Found

Recent Free Text Messages

NOUS65 KCYS 310147 FTMCYS Message Date: Jul 31 2014 01:47:39 KCYS WSR88D ZR MODE RETURNED TO CONVECTIVE (300R1.4) AT 0147 UTC.
NOUS65 KCYS 300015 FTMCYS Message Date: Jul 30 2014 00:15:28 KCYS WSR88D Z-R changed from convective (300R1.4) to tropical (250R1.2) mode at 0012Z.