Level II Radar Information

RadarKILXHour 05
Location:Lincoln IL
Last update:0 Hours, 0 Minutes, 46 Seconds
Latest ingest:2014/08/22 05:54:40
Current latency:0.600 seconds
Avg latency:0.42 seconds
Peak latency:2@27:22

Operator Notes:

No Operator Notes Found

Recent Free Text Messages

NOUS63 KILX 211412 FTMILX Message Date: Aug 21 2014 14:12:27 KILX WSR-88D radar will be offline for routine maintenance and modifications fro m approx 1415-2015 UTC.
NOUS63 KILX 212046 FTMILX Message Date: Aug 21 2014 20:46:49 KILX radar is operational as of 2040 UTC.