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Current Weather Conditions in the United States

Current Weather Conditions World-Wide

About Current Conditions and the Observing Process

    The current weather information presented here is generated from the global set of surface aviation observations, produced in the METAR code.  These are point observations generally reflecting conditions at an airport since most of the observing sites are on airports.  The observations are taken on an hourly or half-hourly cycle, or taken when required to support special aviation operations.

    Observations are produced by human observers, by automated observing equipment, or by a combination of the two.  In the United States, many surface aviation observations are produced by the Automated Surface Observing System (ASOS). 

    The weather events that are observed include the wind speed and direction, surface visibility, temperature, dew point, present and recent weather events, cloud amounts and types, and pressure.  In the United States, additional information is included by some stations at certain times of the day including pressure tendency, precipitation amounts, snow depth, and maximum and minimum temperatures.

    More detailed information about the observing process is available on the NWS METAR/TAF Information Page.

The information presented here is taken from products produced by the U.S. National Weather Service and other national and international agencies. The U.S. National Weather Service does not present this as official information. Please refer to our disclaimer for further information.

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Author: Allan Darling, NWS Office of Systems Operations